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  • Pulls as much water as large dehumidifiers — up to 235 pints/17 gallons a day
  • Lighted digital display shows inlet and outlet temperature, relative humidity, humidistat settings
  • Controls in 4 languages
  • Portable and easy to transport on 2-wheel dolly

The Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Dehumidifier is a compact, commercial-grade unit that delivers thorough drying to prevent mildew, mold or other damage. Use it to dry out water-saturated areas quickly and to keep dehumidifying until carpet, subfloors, walls and structural materials are completely dry. This humidifier fits where other high-performance professional dehumidifiers cannot — in tight occupied spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and more. Rugged roto-molded housing and durable construction ensure long life. Real-time inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity display helps track jobsite conditions and dehumidification progress. Automatic restart after a power outage ensures that drying continues. Built-in automatic pump-out makes it easy to pump condensed water into a sink, toilet or drain.


Volts 115
Water Removal 80 pints/38 L per day at 80°F/60°RH
Amps 6.2
CFM 121–180



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