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Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator


Product Description

OdorStop, the leader in the ozone industry, is pleased to offer the OS3500UV. This unit is perfect for sanitizing and deodorizing large areas such as hotel suites, offices, homes, basements, and more. It will eliminate even the most severe odors caused by mold, mildew, tobacco, fire and smoke, water and flood damage, animals, and more.

The OS3500UV is lightweight (10lbs), has variable ozone output and a 12 hour timer with a constant on (hold) option. It is also equipped with a UV light for additional sanitizing power. The UV function allows bacteria to be killed at a very high rate even when the ozone is on low. 

When using the Ozone Generator the space must be unoccupied, including animals.

Product Specifications

  • High quality aluminum body
  • Functions: 3 Ozone plates + pre-filter + UV lamp + 12-hour timer
  • Ozone Output: 150 mg/H up to 1400mg/H
  • Fan Output: 110CFM
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Power: 40W
  • Dimensions: 7.5"h x 9.0"w x 12.5"d
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Area: 3,500 square feet*

* NOTE: Larger unoccupied areas may be treated when the unit is left to operate for a longer period of time with appropriate circulation and movement of the unit within the area.  


OdorStop offers the 3500 UV model with a UV function, giving you the added benefit of ultraviolet filtration of bacteria and viruses. The advantage of this unit is that it can be run continuously with the ozone on low and still kill bacteria at a high rate. Examples of usage for UV include restaurant kitchens, bathrooms, food processing facilities, warehousing, etc.


Ultraviolet (UV) light is simply one form of energy coming from the sun. UV is as old as the earth itself and actually purifies outdoor air. UV offers benefits from special lighting for science and industry to disinfecting characteristics.

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps are in disinfection technology to target and destroy disease-causing bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. UV light has been proven for decades to effectively disinfect air, surfaces and water.

In some instances consumers require filtration of bacteria and viruses in addition to odor elimination. This is why OdorStop offers a model with the UV function. Our UV model comes with a high quality bulb which should be changed about every 2 years depending on usage.



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