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The Studebaker Airpath uses a patented airflow design. This design pulls warm, dry air from above and directs that air 360 degrees though the bottom of the airmover. With over 40 mph of airflow this Airpath is a great unit that will rent with your current Capet cleaning products

  • Two-speed fan with 1.0HP motor that draws 7.5 amps on a 115V power supply for energy efficiency, and with air velocities of up to 40 MPH for drying applications
  • 360-degree outlet grill directs air up to 12 feet across a floor in all directions for uniform coverage
  • Locking wheel casters hold unit in place during operation for stability and safety

Dry carpets of all type fast with the revolutionary AirPath! Using a unique patented grill that directs airflow down and across floor surfaces in a 360° airstream, the AirPath can dry a 144 sq. ft. area in just minutes. Simply place the AirPath in the center of a room and switch on the powerful 1 HP motor to unleash airflow up to 40 mph. Dry one room while you clean the next!

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