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2 Cycle Auger

2 Cycle Auger



Engine Displacement: 51.7 cc.    
Dry Weight: 22.0 lbs.        
Gear Case Ratio: 30.1:1      

Auger Capacity: 2" to 10" diameter      

Rotation: CW, viewed from top      

Fuel Capacity: 28.7 fl.oz.      

* Maximum Versatility - Uses augers from 2" to 10" diameter for applications such as planting small trees, installing fence posts, poles and road signs.     
* 51.7cc Engine - State-of-the-art commercial engine provides exceptional power for earth digging operations.
* 30.1:1 Gear Ratio - Provides higher operational torque that delivers outstanding performance.
* Heavy-Duty Handle And Frame Assembly - Reduces vibration for greater operator comfort.
* Depth Extension Capability - 12" and 18" extentions are available for drilling below the frost line when necessary.

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